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Retul-certified Fitter

Why Retul?

Retul bike fit technology is the most advanced in the world.

Founded in 2007 and gaining international popularity since its inception, Retul Technology is a cycling-specific motion-capture bike fitting system that uses 3D infrared motion sensors to record precise and comprehensive fit data as you are in motion.

Retul technology is based on the following fit theory:

  • Bike fits must be dynamic

  • Measurements must be accurate, and

  • Biomechanics are best assessed in three-dimensional space.

The dynamics of our movements need to be examined in relation to how they work together, rather than examining each body mechanism individually. The use of integrated data provides a holistic approach to bike fitting that traditional approaches have been unable to deliver.

This holistic approach to biomechanical analysis is favoured by a large percentage of professional athletes, including triathletes Craig Alexander, Chris Lieto, Mirinda Carfrae, Julie Dibens, Tim Berkel, Clayton Fettel and Tim O'Donnell, as well as cyclists from Garmin-Barracuda, Radioshack-Nissan-Trek, Team Euro Car and Team Sky.

What a Retul fit from 3D Bike Fit will do for you

Regardless if you are a novice or professional, pure cyclist, triathlete or mountain biker, a courier or police officer - a custom fit will result in a multitude of benefits.

  • Greater performance – increases in power output and endurance are a direct result of ensuring your body is set in a position that not only encourages a full range of muscle engagement, but also balanced muscle recruitment

  • Greater efficiency – your stroke efficiency is maximised through precise measurement and detailed analysis – work smarter, not harder!

  • Improved technique – a correct fit ensures that new riders avoid developing bad habits (such as incorrect pedal technique), and experienced riders gain a better understanding of how their bike and their body interact

  • Biomechanically-sound position – the common areas of discomfort for cyclists are in areas of the lower back, hips and knees, which can also have a flow-on effect to other muscles and tendons. 3D Bike Fit examines your individual biomechanics to ensure that your joints and muscles are held in neutral positions, minimising their load and decreasing the likelihood of repetitive strain and muscle injuries

  • Greater comfort – an accurate fit promotes comfort

  • Cost savings – your equipment selections are scientifically determined by your personal biomechanical dynamics – not by a whim, a brand name or a recommendation from a well-meaning friend!

  • Maximise enjoyment – without a doubt, a comprehensive bike fit is the key to riding to your potential, as well as enjoying your time on the bike.

What happens during a Retul 3D Bike Fit session?


  • We initially discuss your experience, goals and injury history, as well as any concerns you have about performance or pain

  • A complete biomechanical analysis will be performed - we will asses your cycling strength, as well as your stability and flexibility

  • We carry out a pre-fit report, electronically measuring and recording your complete bike

  • Shoes and cleats will be checked and adjusted as required

  • Following a short warm-up, we will place eight LED markers on your wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and toe – the primary anatomical points of the body – which communicate with the camera system

  • We will ask you to pedal, at which point the sensor gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of your pedal strokes and movements. Our rotating platform enables us to observe and collect data from any angle

  • Captures from both sides, and at varying levels of intensity and effort, will be taken and then analysed. As we work through the analysis, gradual adjustments will be made to your position to ensure biomechanics are neutral, and aerodynamics and efficiency are maximised. We will also analyse your knee tracking, providing advice on your pedaling efficiency

  • When the fit is complete, the digital measurements of the bike will be captured and recorded

  • We will talk you through the analysis, explaining each element of the pre-fit and post-fit measurements.

Following the session, 3D Bike Fit will develop a customised report that includes all measurements, as well as before and after images, which we will email to you following the consultation.